At first, WAC had particiated into he band whose name is "plantout", which played original pieces based on jazzsamba and soundtracks, and MIYUKI became a vocalist for plantout. After a while, WAC and MIYUKI tried to express their creativity with more electrical sound. In 1996 eureka! was born. In 1999 eureka! started to run their own label, "cardium records", and it has released 6 titles including vinyl. eureka!'s 1st album "SKYSENSOR" was released by German label to distribute it worldwide. Moreover, eureka! did lives in some cities in Germany. European media sometimes wrote about eureka! and their sound. Their activity is evaluated not only in Japan but in Europe as well.

Hideaki Wac - Sound Designer

the cause which eureka! exists as eureka! is at first due to WAC's sweet and gentle melodies. his high-sensed arrangement & mixing, strictly precise programming composes eureka!'s one and only soundscape. his career as photographer makes eureka!'s sound like film music.

Miyuki Kido - Vocal & Lyrics

MIYUKI (vo. & lyrics) creates lyrics and sings to express eureka!'s unique soudnview. she gets interested in from modern french classical music, rock, electronica, brasilian music, to scandinavian music especially icelandic ones.


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